I Am…

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote, so here’s a quick update on my life: I graduated from Vanderbilt with my masters in speech pathology, moved back to San Diego, and recently started my clinical fellowship at a private pediatric clinic.

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I started this blog over two years ago as a way to document my big move to Nashville – I jokingly referred to it as my “study abroad blog” since moving to Nashville felt like moving to a different country. I suppose part of the reason I stopped writing was that somewhere around this time last year, Nashville stopped feeling like a foreign land and started feeling like home. I don’t know what spurred the change, but the country music, Southern twang (and hospitality), copious fried chicken and biscuits, and yes, even the cold weather, snuck their way into my heart. When I got ready to move back in May, I hadn’t expected to be heartbroken about leaving. But I guess 2 years of fantastic friends and adventures in Nashville left their mark.

Moving back to San Diego has come with some challenges, but it always has been and always will be home. This was the first August in 20 years that I didn’t head off to school. My identity for so long was that of a student – for years I answered questions about my future with “I want to be a ______,” which then changed to “I’m going to be a ______.” It’s exhilarating/terrifying to finally get to a point in your life where at least for one question, you can stop talking in the future tense and answer in the present: “I AM a speech pathologist.” Sometimes I still can’t believe that people trust me to help their children, and then I remember that I have some outwardly resemblance to an adult and a bunch of fancy letters after my name that supposedly qualify me to do this job. There are parents of kids I work with who call me Ms. Noopur and I’m like WHAT ARE YOU DOING PLEASE STOP but I also secretly love it.

Being/becoming an adult is no walk in the park and there are a million unanswered questions about my future, but it’s an incredibly empowering feeling to look inwards and realize – I like who I am, I like what I am, I like where I am.

I AM a speech pathologist, I AM a California girl with a little Nashville mixed in, and I AM happy, and that’s a pretty marvelous thing.


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