Hair today gone tomorrow: The long and short of it

Too many hair puns in the title? Sorry, I couldn’t chose one so I went with both. Today, I finally cut my hair (more than the 1-2 inches I get cut a couple times a year) and chopped off 17 inches! Which means I’m still hyperventilating and feeling major haircut regret but telling myself that I’m going to love it.


17 inches, 5 years of growing it out

Yesterday, to honor my last day of long hair, I made sure to do some of the things I probably won’t be able to do again for a few years:

Cousin Itt:

Photo on 5-20-14 at 11.09 PM #2

Hair moustache:

Photo on 5-20-14 at 11.12 PM

And of course…I Whip My Hair:

4-up on 5-20-14 at 11.14 PM (compiled)

It’s taken me a long time to finally decide to cut it short. In the last 6 months, I started telling everyone that I was going to cut it in May so that I felt accountable to people and would be too embarrassed to chicken out at the last minute. There were a lot of reasons though that I decided to cut it:

1. Long hair is a pain in the butt sometimes. It would take anywhere from 3-8 hours for my hair to fully dry…ain’t nobody got time for that.

2. Hair. Everywhere. My hair used to shed like crazy and I would frequently have to pick up large hairballs from my carpet. If I didn’t tie my hair back while eating, I’d usually end up with food in my hair or hair in my mouth.

3. My go-to hairstyle had become a bun since I wasn’t going to spend 45 minutes straightening or curling my hair everyday so that it looked good. What’s the point of having hair that long if it’s never actually down?

4. I measured my hair yesterday…and it was 29 inches long. I am only 62 inches tall…which means my hair was almost half as long/tall as I am…THAT’S WEIRD GUYS. It also means that some of the hair on my head was 5 years old and it felt kind of like straw. Yuck.

5. I’m going to be in Nashville all summer and I CANNOT handle the heat and humidity there with long hair. It gets gross and sweaty and sticks to my neck and I didn’t want to deal with it. So chop chop.

6. I’ve wanted to donate my hair for a long time, and it’s finally long enough that I could donate a lot of hair…although I will admit that 17 inches is now feeling a little over-zealous.

7. And finally…change. Change is good, or so I’ve been trying to tell myself all year. I am an extremely change-averse person – I’m that person who hates it when Facebook changes its font. I finally convinced myself that this is a good year for change – I’ve moved across the country, made new friends…so why not change my hair.

So even though I’m freaking out about it right now, I’m sure it’ll grow on me very soon (heh heh heh).

4-up on 5-21-14 at 12.08 PM (compiled)



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