Becoming a Domestic Goddess

Ok, not really…this should actually be titled “Learning how to feed myself in the event my microwave dies.”

Here’s the story: There once was a little girl who had a wonderful mother who made delicious food for every single meal. This little girl never really had to learn to feed herself beyond pouring a bowl of cereal or making a quesadilla. She also firmly resisted learning to cook, because why do it yourself when someone can do it for you, duh. When the little girl was all grown up, she left for college, where once again, all she had to do was swipe a card in the dining hall and pile food on her plate. However, everything changed once she moved into her own apartment. That’s when she discovered that she had no idea how to provide 3 meals a day for herself. Thus began the era of cereal, eggs, pop tarts, gummy vitamins, and Trader Joe’s frozen meals. The End.

So, despite my mother’s and my roommates’ concern over my limited and probably nutritionally stunted food repertoire, I managed to sustain this reliance on breakfast foods and microwavable foods for over 3 years. However, now that I’m in grad school and technically an adult, I’ve realized that maybe I need to start eating like one too…sometimes. The main problem has always been that I don’t like to cook rather than I can’t cook. When I’m hungry, I want to eat in 5 minutes, not 50 minutes. And if I can get away with washing one plate and one fork rather than 5 different pots and pans, then microwave it is. So, I’ve been taking baby steps and trying to cook something using the stove or the oven when I have some time. Here are some of the results:



Pesto, Mozzarella, Tomato Pizza


Mexican Tortilla Soup


Salsa Chicken with Orzo Pasta Salad


Chicken Enchiladas


Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread (recipe courtesy of my friend Jennifer)

Most of the time, I use a recipe, but sometimes they get heavily modified since I rarely have all the ingredients. I’ve recently discovered that paprika makes food taste AMAZING (What is paprika? Where does it come from? All I know is that on Blue’s Clues, Salt and Pepper had a child named Paprika…). As you can see, a recurring theme seems to be to cover the main course with cheese and to make sure dessert is covered in sugar. BTW, the Cinnamon Pull-apart bread is to DIE for:

To be honest, even though I’m cooking more these days, I still have my fair share of frozen pizza/macaroni and cheese/cereal for dinner kind of nights – old habits die hard. I’ve been lucky that most of my cooking attempts have turned out pretty well (hoorah!). After all, a couple weeks ago I burnt a frozen pizza (forgot to set a timer) and this morning I poured iced tea into my cereal instead of milk (guess that answered the “will I need caffeine today?” question). In the end, while I enjoy eating a wholesome meal once in a while, I can’t say my attitude towards cooking has changed much (sorry Mom!).



One thought on “Becoming a Domestic Goddess

  1. Those meals you did fix look very gourmet. Now you know you can do whatever you set your heart on. So as long as you live in driving range of a trader joes store, I know you are going to be just fine.

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