Where the Heart is: Spring Break in California

First off, I apologize – it’s been almost 6 weeks since I last wrote – WAY longer than I ever intended to go without writing. February ended up being the craziest month ever – it made me think back to first semester when I told everyone, “Grad school is pretty easy, I have lots of free time.” HA. JOKES. I spent the whole month alternating between stress level 10 (3 TESTS THIS WEEK AHHHHHHH) and stress level 0 (around the time House of Cards Season 2 came out and school became very low priority). Combined with the cold and the sleep deprivation, I was a completely antisocial grump. The only thing that kept me going that month was the promise of spring break and my much anticipated trip back to San Francisco and Berkeley for half the week.

Even though it took me over 12 hours to get from Nashville to San Francisco (possibly the one weekend all year that the West coast experienced weather delays), I had the most wonderful 4 days back in the Bay. As I’ve said before, when I get homesick now, it’s both for San Diego and my family there, and for the Bay and all my friends who stayed there after graduation. It had been almost a year since I’d been back, and the siren song of the Bay was calling my name.

I spent the weekend in San Francisco – eating (duh), exploring, and spending time with many of the people who make living 2500 miles away so very difficult. I’m not sure I can explain the draw San Francisco has for me, but every time I go, my heart is made full by how beautiful, unique, and full of character the city and its people are. Perhaps it’s a combination of getting to be with the people I love in the city I love, but not even the fog (https://twitter.com/KarlTheFog), the frequently naked people (pro or con, you decide), or the poop on the sidewalk (dog or human – serious question) can diminish the happiness I feel when I’m in SF. Short summary of my weekend: Mosaic steps, beautiful views, a bar with a full page cider menu, SING-A-LONG OF FROZEN, boba, mexican food, and lots of hugs.

IMG_1353         IMG_1352

IMG_1359       1964928_10152025114009576_822212477_n      IMG_1373

I spent the next 2 days living out my college nostalgia in Berkeley. It was bittersweet to be back on campus and to no longer be a student there. I visited all my old haunts, explored some of the new places that had popped up over the last year, and caught up with friends who were still around. Unsurprisingly, my visit was mostly centered around more food and boba.

IMG_1384     IMG_1375      IMG_1383

I spent the rest of the week back in San Diego, enjoying the sunshine and time with my family. My brother drove down from school for an evening, so I was lucky enough to see him too (and he stopped on his way to get me boba – best brother award!). Also got my In N Out fix – grilled cheese and animal style fries NOMS.

IMG_1392                                           IMG_1389

A week back in California with friends and family was exactly what I needed halfway through a stressful semester. This visit showed me how true “home is where the heart is” can be – as much as I’m enjoying my time in Nashville, I’m not sure this city will ever feel like home the way San Diego and the Bay do for me. It’s back to the grind here at school, but I’m already counting down the weeks till my next trip home!


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